NRL Rugby

NRL Betting on Australian Rugby League offers a host of different rugby sport bets for sports bettors. NRL Rugby League betting is one of the most popular betting sports in Australia and with plenty of upset results, the keen form student can make some real good money betting on NRL throughout the season and on the NRL finals.

There is plenty of value betting on NRL Rugby for those who want to get a good price for their investment.

The NRL Bet types offered by most online bookmakers include:

  • NRL margin bet: This is a sports bet where you have to pick by how much your team will win by. Either under 12 points or over 12 points.
  • NRL head-to-head betting is the traditional win bet on who you think will win the contest.

Exotic bet options include:

  • First Half Handicap: Just like normal handicap betting except that in Rugby they let you find out if you won money at halftime.
  • Totals Points scored: You bet on over or under how many points are scored in the match. Check with your online bookmaker as to what the points total is for the over under. It’s always best to have more than one account with online bookmakers so that if this is your favourite bet for making money with your sport bets you can bet with the bookmaker who is offering the lowest score.
  • Which team scores the First Points of the game: This is a popular sports bet for those who like to know if their NRL Rugby bet won or lost real quick.
  • The First and Last Scoring Plays: you can also bet on how a team scores whether they scored first with a try or whether they scored with a penalty goal.
  • First and Last Tryscorers: You can place a bet on rugby who scored the first try of the game and also on who scores the last try.
  • Time of First Try: These Aussies will bet on anything. They even bet on when the first score will be made.
  • Tryscoring Matchups: This is a rugby sports bet that offers you some value. A head to head bet where you pick player A or Player B to score the first or most try. Depending on what your bookmaker is offering.
  • Live NRL Betting: As with most sporting events, online bookmakers offer live betting on all NRL matches throughout the season and during the finals. This is another good way to win money if you know the teams with the odds changing once a team scores you can make some real money if you like the team who didn’t score first.
  • NRL Futures Betting is available on the premiership winning team. You can bet on who you think will win the NRL Grand Final with NRL Grand Final Betting available on not only the winner but also on which two teams will play in the NRL Grand Final.


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