Cricket Betting

Despite what seems only a handful of nations playing this game, Cricket Betting is extremely popular and the advent of the Twenty20 game has seen an avalanche of money being invested in cricket sport bets with online bookmakers.

The world of Test Match cricket is still the most rewarding for the players from a professional aspect in achieving success in the hardest form of the game over five grueling days with neither side giving an inch.

In recent times, the best Test Match Cricket betting has been witnessed on the Australia v India series’ both on the subcontinent and in Australia and of course England’s famous Ashes win over Ricky Ponting’s men before Australia reclaimed the Ashes with a resounding win on home soil.

Cricket allows you the opportunity to place live sport bets during the game and this can lead to a handsome profit.

Cricket betting is available on all the major tournaments including each Test match and Test Series, all Oneday International matches and all Twenty20 cricket matches.

You can also enjoy Live Cricket Betting and Cricket Futures bets on events such as the Cricket World Cup, the ICC Champions Trophy and all Domestic Cricket matches.

The oneday game can turn dramatically in an over and again the chance to make a tidy profit can be exploited by punters who bet on cricket with their heads and not their hearts.

The Twenty20 version of the game is a hit and giggle affair if ever there was one and this fast paced game is a lottery more often then not, again it gives gamblers the chance to win big with outsiders at long odds regularly winning.

Cricket betting markets have really been transformed in recent years. You can now bet on just about anything to do with the game you wish to place your cricket sports bet on.

Some of the more common Exotic Cricket betting markets include:

• Which team will win the toss of the coin before the game
• Head to head markets for which batsman will score the most runs
• Which bowler will take the most wickets
• How many runs a team will make in the first innings of a game

Then you have the standard cricket bets such as:

• Which team will win the Test Match
• Which team will win the Series

The landscape for cricket betting has certainly changed and the advent of online cricket betting through betting exchanges such as


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