Australian Rules Betting Odds

Australian Rules Football Betting or AFL betting is available each week of the regular season with betting odds available very early in the week with many online bookmakers.

AFL Futures betting already has last seasons competition winner the Geelong Cats a relatively short priced favourite to win back to back competitions. The rest of the competition is fairly giving you plenty of value if you can pick a winner.

AFL Football Betting odds are available on a variety of different bet types each week. You can bet on AFL the standard everyday win bet on your selection or you can look at other bet types like the margin bet.

You need to understand that AFL Football can be a high scoring game with a goal worth six points to your total and a near miss being worth one point. The Margin Bet is always 39 points, which is six goals and three behinds.

If you think your team will win but it will be a close game, you can bet on the Margin Bet to get a better price. Being greedy doesn’t always work and there will be times when your team wins by too much and you will wish you just did a straight out win bet. I guess that’s why they call sports betting gambling.

AFL Football Betting Options

Straight Out Win

The straight out win bet or money line bet is the easiest sports bet to understand. If your selection wins then you will be paid, if your selection loses then the bookmaker will keep your money.

AFL Futures Betting

AFL Futures betting markets can provide you with a great deal of value. Futures betting is when you place a sports bet which will be determined at a later date. Advantages of placing futures sports bets is that teams who lose games early in the season will see their price become very inflated quickly. You can step in and get over the odds with a couple wins quickly seeing the AFL betting odds slashed..

Every online bookmaker has AFL Futures betting available on who will win the competition at the end of the season, you just have to step in when you think you are getting over the odds.

AFL Line Betting or Handicap Betting

As the AFL season gets into full swing you will have a few teams who are struggling for form and are not only being beaten regularly but also convincingly. The line bet or AFL Handicap betting option is one way to win money on your sports bet when betting on AFL Football.

AFL Margin Bet

We discussed the AFL Margin Bet earlier in our introduction. Terrific value if you can pick the winner with many games finishing with a margin of 39 and under.

There are many other bet types available on AFL Football Betting such as Accumulators and Exotic Bet Types.

Accumulators are always a fun bet to place and give you the opportunity to win a big amount of money for a minimum outlay. Trying to pick 8 winners to turn $1 into $5000 isn’t easy but it isn’t expensive either.

Exotic AFL Bets include leading goal kicker for the round, most possessions in a game, highest score of the round. You can bet on these straight out with a win bet or you can couple them up in a multi leg accumulator bet.

Make sure that when you place your sports bet you do understand what type of sports bet you have placed and what result you need to be paid.


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